Image of Jared Hart
to my life, my art, and my passion. This is the portfolio site of Jared Hart! 

I am an Animator, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI.

At CCS I studied Animation and Digital media with a focus in stop-motion animation. While there I did a bit of soul searching to find out what was my true calling. While I was studding animation, I took a variety of classes outside my department in fine arts and illustration to strengthen my artistic talents. 

Since graduating in 2008, I have work with and on several  projects ranging from animation, illustration and graphic design. Throughout this website you will see those works I have done professionally and personally. I love working with people and their vision, no project is to small, no project is to big and I hope someday I can work with you.

Thank you for reading,

Jared Hart